Reputation: What you don’t know can indeed hurt you.

A lesson on the importance of online reputation management.

Since 2020 I have been getting some strange phone calls regarding invoices alleged sent by my company. The callers, yes there were many, seemed less than happy to divulge much information, behaving as if we were trying a fraud. When we were finally able to cokes some information from them discovered that the invoices came from another company with a similar name yet different, doing something different from what we offer. We were able to appease them by sharing our pertinent information to clear it up. Trying to trace the owner of said company was futile, phone call to the listed number went unanswered.

Then a letter addressed to the owner showed up in my company’s mailbox in Florida. I was then able to put a name to the company and using ‘open corporates` found all the necessary data.

I could not understand why mails etc came to us until I did some further probing. A company named ‘DATANYZE` decided to make us part of ‘Chatoyer International LLC` a company, according to the registry 2020-04-17 –2021-05-03, is listed as ‘Forfeited Not In Good Standing` now changed to ‘Forfeited`.

As a result of ‘DATANYZE` information we lost several lucrative contracts and is in the process of trying to redeem them along with our good record.

I was really surprised that a company who seem to pride themselves as being ‘promoting your relevant business information while simultaneously increasing your network` has done the opposite and damaged my business and its reputation.

This is the reason any company putting information out there should do due diligence, verify information offered to ensure that they are being given facts not just heresy.


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