The Human Element: Thriving Alongside AI in the Workplace

Introduction – The rise of AI and automation has sparked major changes in the job landscape. While these technologies are transforming how work gets done, humans still have irreplaceable abilities that will allow them to adapt and even thrive. This article explores strategies for people to maximize their value in an AI-driven workplace. AI’s Rapid […]

Reputation: What you don’t know can indeed hurt you.

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The Importance of Online Reputation Management Since 2020, our company Chatoyer Inc. has been receiving concerning phone calls from angry customers demanding payment for invoices we never sent. After investigating, we learned these invoices came from another company called Chatoyer International LLC that offers completely different services than us. Though we tried to clarify the […]

A New, Darker Economy: Heartless or Just Business Decency?

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Business Decency. What are the necessary criteria for being a decent person? Or, how to be fair and kind? Will anyone listen, or even feign attention? Decency in the age of covid. A critique on predatory business practices that offer short term gains but damages the business ecosystem later.

New Video Codec Halves File Sizes

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German video codec developer Fraunhofer HHI has announced a new compression format that promises to dramatically improve the efficiency of video streaming.

Artificial intelligence comes to Small Business

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Even though Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Automation have been around for quite some time, they are still at an early stage of development. Some consider these trends a “dark art”

Tis’ the season to get defrauded.

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For customers, what begins as an try to meet their vacation procuring guidelines for pennies on the greenback can flip right into a monetary nightmare.

SMS for Two-Factor Authentication is a problem

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Recent information revealed that a massive database containing information on millions of text messages was reportedly discovered unsecured, exposing sensitive information such as password resets and two-factor security codes as reported by TechCrunch

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Primarily, we’re into small business growth and development. But many of these very skills translate into the latter years of those very same businesses. We’ve had customers that have gone from 2 employees to 20,000 and fortunately, we’ve been able to assist them with their journey in growth.