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A New, Darker Economy: Heartless or Just Business Decency?

Business Decency. What are the necessary criteria for being a decent person? Or, how to be fair and kind? Will anyone listen, or even feign attention? Decency in the age of covid. A critique on predatory business practices that offer short term gains but damages the business ecosystem later.

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Online Job Portal

Our brief included location demographic research, social media and online trend research. We created wire frames, created a modern, corporate website layout based on an industry standard CMS platform and had the project completed in only 8 weeks.

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SMS for Two-Factor Authentication is a problem

Recent information revealed that a massive database containing information on millions of text messages was reportedly discovered unsecured, exposing sensitive information such as password resets and two-factor security codes as reported by TechCrunch

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At Chatoyer Inc., we are committed to helping you provide the perfect first impression. With well designed, quality materials that will present your business with a favorable and professional outlook, we help build a brand image that is personalized to your business ethics and ideals. We’ll make sure your message gets out there.

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