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We are committed to the growth of our clients’ businesses, and with an expert team of highly experienced specialists, we get tasks completed quickly and with laser-focused precision.

We are a passionate team of designers, coders, marketing professionals, and business consultants with a mission to help Small and Medium Business owners achieve all their business goals to attain unprecedented success.

Made to your requirements and ready for the world, our digital marketing solutions are personalized to your specific business needs. You’ll rest easy knowing that your brand or business is being represented properly with meaningful, well-designed, and thoughtfully created projects.

Whether you need mobile apps, Instagram or Facebook profile images or videos, corporate presentations and reports, or just someone to help manage your social media, we are your best bet at curating solutions that will help your team focus on what they do best.

Our story

About our name

We always get asked about our name and what it means, from a scientific standpoint the name “Chatoyer” (Pronounced “Sha-tu-yay”) roughly translates to “the angle of incidence which light hits the eye” which sounds a lot cooler in our opinion than azimuth of light.

However, our name comes from a much more impressive pedigree.

After years of oppression that his people suffered at the hands of the British colonials during the trans-Atlantic slave trade, Joseph Chatoyer (sometimes called Satuye), chief of an indigenous group on the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean, led what is now known as the first and second Carib Wars which lasted between 1769 and 1797.

It’s a fascinating story which you can learn about here on Wikipedia.

Painting of Joseph Chatoyer by Caribbean Artist Calvert Jones ©
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Web Development
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Marketing & SEO
Pro Video Services

Do your graphics and marketing collateral project the correct message for your brand? Is your corporate identity cohesive, or cluttered? There’s a lot more to your “brand” than just a logos and business cards. This is why at Chatoyer inc we approach every task as a unique project with specific needs. We do it right, the first time.

Your website is your face to the world, your storefront available 24/7, at least, it should be. Contact us for modern, elegant, super fast and expertly coded websites. There’s more to having one than just text. What about security? Can you make quick edits without a coder? Will your hosting company be able to handle the traffic? No need to worry, we do handle these matters often so rest assured that we’re there with you.

Upgrading your business technologies can be a daunting task, so many companies, so many gadgets and systems, how does one even choose!

Forget giving yourself a headache, just let us know what your goals are and we’ll figure out the past path to get you there. ROI for the CFO? We’ve got that covered. IT Team worried about compatibility? We’ve already Considered It. But What about training? Don’t worry we’ve planned for that too.
Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

If you’re not on Social in today’s business landscape, you’re not really in business. Your potential clients expect you to be where they are with content that’s relevant to them. This is the world of contextual marketing, not every platform may be the right place for your brand, and once you’ve figured that out which messages should you craft to be most effective? Should it be a single message for all? (Spoiler – nope!).

Your business success depends on getting the right message to the right people, and that’s why we’re here. Contact Us Today.

Video Marketing, Social Video Marketing, Online Explainers, Youtube Ads, Corporate Documentaries, Training Videos, Product Videos, Product Promos.

If you need them, we make them, and make them well!

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Whether you need to:

  • 1. demonstrate how a product solves a multitude of complex problems
  • 2. create a sales presentation that isn’t flat and has some pop and sizzle, or
  • 3. combine video, print, and website elements into a leave-behind digital media format.
our creative and interactive teams can energize your content and bring it to life in an animated, engaging environment for online delivery, printed media, digital media distribution, or kiosks.

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