A New, Darker Economy: Heartless or Just Business Decency?

A New, Darker Economy: Heartless or Just Business Decency?

I find that most of the generation today has lost all sense of decency. why are they so greedy and heartless, and just call it ‘just business’ or ‘supply and demand’?

I am the first person to admire a ‘side hustle’ to augment day to day expenses. normal human attributes are (to the best of my knowledge) help someone in need, show kindness and teach the uninformed.

Yet, all I see these days is the blatant disrespect of humans by other humans for access to basic survival products, with a one thousand percent markup on almost everything (its only business, right?), stealing taking from already stressed businesses, clothes, tools and anything they can get their hands on.

This happens not for personal uses (I don’t condone stealing), no, their side hustle – which is not to feed their family, specifically, but more for ‘nice time’ money, or even an illegal party under a bridge or some park. Businesses now have to close permanently, with their staff out of a job.

help someone in need, show kindness and teach the uninformed

And then there was COVID

Then there is the other set who take advantage of a legitimate worker. Take a single lawn mower and weed wacker landscaper, he does domestic homes. Then there is the contractor who does parks, condominiums and has about forty or more employees.

Due to the epidemic, his staff is reduced but he doesn’t advertise for some temps, he visits areas and offers homeowners a deal which undercuts the single man by one-third of his fees.

Mr contractor still doesn’t meet his commitments and the new customers get a rotten deal. they now have to pay condo fees for not cutting their yards in a timely fashion and try to find someone to cut on time again. but, now because of said epidemic all fees are increased. everyone loses.

Will we be heartless or is it just business?

Isn’t this a good time to start teaching the masses? What are the necessary criteria for being a decent person? Or, how to be fair and kind? Will anyone listen, or even feign attention? we can only try to suggest and hope some sliver of our formerly innate decency adheres.

Most people seem to be in the ‘here and now’ era. No ‘down the road’, ‘around the corner’ or ‘over the next hill’. This is the state we are living in, or as I personally feel – Existing.

To live means you feel, sense, empathize and understand. These items are no longer on the menu, but who knows?

Until next time.

By J.R. Rodgirs

One of the directors of Chatoyer Inc, and a seasoned business professional with over 3 Decades of business development in the hospitality and customer service industry.

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