Small and medium businesses have specific needs, and we know them well. Contact us today for custom media and marketing solutions unique to you.

Hands On

We’re very involved with our clients, we get to know every detail about you and your goals.

Elegant Designs

Clean, beautiful, sophisticated and above all – effective designs. Small, medium or large businesses, we can help you.


In the world of business time is always in short supply, we get tasks done as efficiently as possible.


Mobile apps? A great website? A killer promo video for Youtube and Instagram? Need help crafting your new service or product idea? Not a problem…
We do the hard work so you don’t have to. Contact us for smart business growth services and solutions.


Chatoyer Inc addresses each project with a multi-disciplined team of global professionals. Depending on the brief, we draw upon the expertise of our network of graphic designers, Social Media Strategists, Multimedia Creators (film, TV, Web), App Developers, Technology Specialists and Digital Marketing Professionals to ensure that your creative, technical and strategic requirements are satisfied.

Services List

  • Digital Marketing Consulting
  • Branding and Identity Creation
  • iOS/Android App Development
  • Pro Video Production 
  • Motion Graphics/Animation
  • CMS Website Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Cyber Security Audit & Compliance
  • Coaching and Training Services
  • Gamification in Business

Partner Services

  • Venture Capital
  • Real Estate Development
  • Fintech (Hardware and Software)
  • Growth Hacking Training
  • ERP and OEM Systems
  • Digital Signage Systems

Other Services

We offer other Services upon request, and rest assured, that if we can’t do it then we’ll find someone who will.

Website: Starter


3 Page Business CMS Site Powered by Wordpress
Social Media Plugins Sharing is Caring, We'll Help
Contact Form Automatically get emails.
SEO Ready Better Search Ranking
Fully Responsive Design Works on All Device Screen Sizes

Website: Biz Ready


Basic + up to 10 Pages many more features
10 Free Stock Images Premium Shots For your Site
Animated Galleries Make Your Shots Come Alive
SEO Optimized Rank Higher on Searches
Security Suite (Basic)  

Graphic Design


Corporate Branding Biz Cards, Reports, Flyers, Books
Social Media Promotion Banners, Ads, Profile Layouts and more
Image Optimization Slow loading times are no more!
Vector Illustrations Scale to any size

Video Creation


Hollywood Grade Video High Resolution Content
Any Size/Shape Videos HD, UHD, 4k? No Problem!
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Videos
Transcription Services Translations also Available


Content Creation

Content is King, but context is everything!
Ensure that your content is frequent, relevant, useful and original. Our services enable your business to get ahead in today’s distracted world. On the right social media platforms? Where should you advertise? What services to offer in your mobile app? If you’ve got questions, we have answers for you.

CMS Website Design

Your website is your first point of contact with your customers, make that first impression count. Our Content Management System (CMS) websites to allow you to quickly make changes, without the need to code. Swap images, text and other elements at will. Assign user accounts to delegate tasks to staff or add extra features easily by using third-party plugins.


Your Brand Image means more than just logo and font choices, it’s the face of your business, it must adequately represent what your company stands for. From conception to creation, we’ll create concise, elegant and consistent branding and digital marketing imagery and content. Count on us for advertising campaigns and marketing solutions that work!


  • I needed a simple website and gave them my idea, wow.. they gave me so much more and didn't even charge extra, 2 thumbs and 2 toes up. - Diana

    Diana L

    Wonderful Occasions

  • I can't help but thank these guys, not only did they make me a great logo, website, business cards, letterhead, outside sign and other marketing pieces. When I needed help they even put me in touch with a great programmer to get my custom web app going. Talking about extra service. Drinks are on me next time, thanks again. - Brad

    Bradley J

    Leading Edge

  • Thank you so much!! I was starting my own business fresh out of college, and to be frank, I was terrified to say the least. I have to say that they were extremely patient with me and everything I made back then is perfect to this day. You guys are my design heroes, here's to you all, cheers! - Kristy

    Kristin P

    Hero Cards

  • Thank you for the fantastic logo you created for our Female Atom hockey team. We were able to use the log on our team toques and it turned out great. Our team appreciated all of your time and effort in creating the logo for our team in a timely fashion.Regards - The St. Albert Ice Crushers.

    Jill W

    St. Albert Ice Crushers Hockey Team

  • I had done some previous work for some business cards and a website which I was quite happy with, later on I needed to upgrade my site to keep up with the demand, these folks really had my back. It's nice to have one less thing to worry about. - Chris

    Christopher W

    PL4 Ltd

Sometimes Words and Images aren’t enough, and this is where we excel, providing quality and timely service.




About Chatoyer inc, who are we?

In a world where quality has come into question, we are a passionate team of Designers, coders, marketing professionals and business consultants with a mission to make the lives of Small and Medium Businesses a lot easier.

We use our team of specialists to get your tasks completed “quick, fast and in a hurry” – made to your requirements and ready for the world. You’ll rest easy knowing your brand or business is properly being represented with meaningful, well-designed and thoughtfully created projects.

So, if you need mobile apps, Instagram or Facebook profile images or videos, Corporate presentations and reports, or just someone to help manage your social media, we have solutions that help small business teams focus on what they do best – build great businesses.

What is a “CHATOYER” anyway?

The name Chatoyer, French in origin – scientifically speaking, means: “the angle of incidence in which light hits the eye”. While this is indeed the perfect description of what we do as a digital marketing and technology company, our name comes via an even more impressive origin.

The Caribbean native Chief Joseph Chatoyer, who led a revolt against the British colonial government of a small island in the West Indies now known as Saint Vincent, in 1795. It’s an amazing story and we encourage to check it out on Wikipedia. We appreciate the idea of small teams doing great things above and beyond what is expected, hence our choice to use the name.

Meanwhile Today…

While we have worked on several movie projects, Documentaries, Short films, training videos, virtual reality projects, marketing campaigns, website creation (and re-development) projects and a myriad of other media based projects.

We have always been champions of small and medium businesses (SMBs). We know what it’s like to be a small business with a mountain of service choices and uncertainty of not knowing which options to choose, so we made our mandate to work with small businesses to help them to grow whenever and wherever possible.

We’re Flexible and Fast…

We have a global team of professionals at the ready for any project you need. We also have partners in various other industries that we can call on should you need a specific skill set that we don’t have in-house.

Watch as your project comes alive with our global network of talent, and all from the comfort of your home or office (or home office!).

Have a look at our portfolio for a few examples of our past projects.

A Passion for Smart Growth

Our passion lies in creating innovative design solutions for clients, be it logos, corporate identities, mobile apps, websites, promotional videos or just about any variety of branding or corporate design. If you need visually compelling marketing materials, we can create work that you can truly be proud of.

We’re simply in the business of helping by offering you effective marketing campaigns and business solutions, that work!



Most people understand the dangers when they handle legal or tax matters on their own, but many don’t realize the risks that they face when they choose to handle their own graphic design.

The potential pitfalls come in the form of poor first impressions, as well as lost opportunities and profits, to name just a few.

A professional graphic designer, on the other hand, can ensure that your marketing materials produce results, create a powerful impression and increase your profits as well as embed your brand in the minds of your customers.


The art of “Design” is essentially a visual problem-solving exercise and as the saying goes: “There are no technical solutions to creative problems”.

With the use of different typefaces, layouts, formatting and graphical illustrations your designer’s challenge is to create something that is not just pleasing to the eye but also functional, memorable, practical and is of value to you, the client. 


 Which would you consider more important to you? The number of flyers you hand out or how many orders you get? An email blast to 1000 people who don’t care about your product, or 100 well-nurtured and qualified leads?

The difference is planning, concept, design and targeted deployment. Data-driven, thoughtful and well-executed audience interactions are what gets you the right customers. It’s always better to invest in good marketing and design. Always consider the true value of results, not the initial cost. 


  • 97% Technology Consulting

  • 84% Digital Marketing

  • 95% Online Video

  • 78% Social Media Mgmnt

  • 90% Website Design

  • 70% Mobile Apps

  • 90% Luxury Branding

  • 73% Cyber Security




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